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Fast forward to 1968, when today's Gilman Boulevard was still Highway 10, the primary route from Seattle to eastern Washington over Snoqualmie Pass. In that year, Jay Noel built the present Triple XXX on that route for its first owners, Dick Gilbert and John Wirtz.

In 1983 Norm Lipkin bought the Triple XXX from Dick Kadyk, the second owner. In 1996 he added a soda fountain counter and brought back the old menu of the Triple XXX chain. To make ends meet, he abolished the outside stalls where customers could drive up and order from carhops, and converted the space into an office building. Norm had already begun the practice of inviting vintage car owners to show the results of their restoration skills in the Triple XXX lot.

Now a family-owned business, the restaurant was purchased in March 1999 by Jose Enciso and his wife. Originally from Mexico, Enciso has worked in restaurants since he was a young teenager.  He takes special pride in owning and improving such a visible Issaquah landmark and says, "XXX may not be the oldest historic building in Issaquah, but it's probably the one which is most visited and enjoyed."

The restaurant serves up wonderful 1950's style hamburgers, milk shakes & other wonderful ice cream delights in famous large serving sizes, and is proud to host frequent gatherings of vintage automobile, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts.


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